Beginning “The Text of Scripture”

   Instead of an actual blog post this week, I began my video series, “The Text of Scripture.” Rather than lessons from Scripture per se, we’ll look at various aspects of transmission and interpretation.

   When I say “transmission,” I include everything from how we got the Bible, jargon in the Textual Criticism sector (which is not exactly what it sounds like), as well as various translations available today. All of these are factors important to consider.

  And then with interpretation, I’ll share some ways to approach the Bible when we come to study it. There may be various goals we have, and those may take different methods.

  So there’s a brief overview of what’s coming. I hope you take the time to watch this video of my review of “The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?” by F. F. Bruce. I’ll post reviews of other significant books on this subject in the future as well. God bless.

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