Undeserved Love

In the centuries leading up to the Reformation, people were taught that you had to earn your salvation. It might be through purchasing indulgences, performing good deeds, partaking of the Eucharist, etc. and even then, you had to spend time in purgatory before you had a chance of getting into heaven. Through vessels of men … Continue reading Undeserved Love

Even the Small Things

   Their task seemed impossible. After returning from the Babylonian exile, the Jews began to rebuild the temple. Yet almost immediately difficulties arose. The older Jews mourned as they compared the smaller temple they were building to the glories of Solomon’s temple (Ezra 3:12). And then to make matters worse, the nations around Israel began … Continue reading Even the Small Things

Beginning “The Text of Scripture”

   Instead of an actual blog post this week, I began my video series, “The Text of Scripture.” Rather than lessons from Scripture per se, we’ll look at various aspects of transmission and interpretation.    When I say “transmission,” I include everything from how we got the Bible, jargon in the Textual Criticism sector (which … Continue reading Beginning “The Text of Scripture”