What True Wisdom Looks Like

We all want true wisdom, don’t we? Yet wisdom and understanding seem to be elusory concepts just beyond our reach and not quite coming into focus. We love the idea of being wise, but what does wisdom actually entail? And beyond that, how do we obtain true understanding? When considering this concept, our first inclination … Continue reading What True Wisdom Looks Like

The Firm Rock

Storms can be disorienting. This is true for ships out at sea and it’s true for us in the trials we face. We’re bewildered, surrounded by darkness, and don’t know where to turn next. The Lord does not want this feeling of hopelessness to characterize our lives. Paul calls us to “continue in the faith … Continue reading The Firm Rock

Comfort As We Journey

In our 21st century American context, it seems counter-cultural to call ourselves strangers, pilgrims, and sojourners. Even in the church, we’ve idolized the image of middle-class ease and comfortable lifestyle. And when difficulties, trials, and afflictions arise, we think something has gone wrong. Maybe we’ve done something to deserve this. Maybe we didn’t do something … Continue reading Comfort As We Journey